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Funny Flappy Bird Videos!

Here are some of the funniest Flappy Bird videos we could find - though it has to be said that most people on YouTube aren't half as funny as they think they are. You'll need a bit of light relief after banging that stupid bird's head into pipes for hours on end! Once you've watched these make sure you check out our other Flappy Bird Videos too!

Flappy Bird Ruined My Life

Two complete bell-ends struggle to find the infamous lesbian sex scene at the end of Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird Meets Mario

And Mario's pretty mad that Flappy's stolen his pipes!

Flappy Bird vs Chuck Norris

Guess who wins? Short, sharp and to the point. We like videos like this.

Flappy Bird Keeps Calm And Carries On

Hey, it's pretty funny for something that's only 7 seconds long!

How To Build Flappy Bird Tutorial

I don't know why we found this so funny but we did. Maybe because we make games for a living. Build your own Flappy Bird clone. Or something.

Flabby Bird

He might be a lardass, but he's not stupid!

Flappy Bird Meets Larrio

Kind of like an evil Mario. And it doesn't end well for Flappy. Why's everyone got it in for our favourite feathery friend? We know he's a bit annoying but still, surely this level of violence is uncalled for!?

Flappy Bird GTA Mod

Someone made Flappy Bird in GTA IV - looks fun!

Flappy Bird Chilli Prank

It's hot!! We can't work out whether this guy's laugh is infectious or just annoying!

Flappy Bird Music Video

Yeah, it's dumb. But it's kinda funny.

Flappy Bird Dubstep

Or is is BroStep? Kind of funny. At least it's short, that's one thing in its favour I guess.

Another Flappy Bird Song

This might be funny and it might not. We can't understand a word. Girl's quite cute though. Well, maybe not that cute - just marginally better looking than most of the spotty retards on YouTube.

Pewdiepie:Flappy Bird - Don't Play This Game

Possibly the video that started it all. Flappy Bird starts at 4:08. Don't ask us why this crap went viral - we think he's an idiot and it's not even that funny. Anyway, we included it just for the sake of completeness!
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