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Flappy Bird 1000 Highscores!

Here's some videos of some guys and girls getting some seriously high scores on Flappy Bird. They must have taken on board our Flappy Bird Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Or maybe they just have genetically-engineered mad Flappy Bird ninja skills. Whatever, we're jealous either way.

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Flappy Bird 1000+ Highscore

This guy obviously plays better when he's taking a dump. Must be pretty clagged up though as he's on the pot for over twenty minutes in this vid and still doesn't drop one. Clearly needs to play less Flappy Bird and eat more vegetables.

Flappy Bird 1100+ Highscore

Nah, we reckon it's a fake! Actually watching people get highscores on Flappy Bird is pretty dull. Not sure what possessed us to do a page on Flappy Bird Highscores. Go and check out our favourite Flappy Bird Games instead.

Flappy Bird Ultimate Highscore

Whoa - the game gets pretty hard when you get to this point! We wonder if Nintendo will sue?!
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