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Flappy Bird Videos!

Here at 'Flappy Bird Videos' we love Flappy Bird... and we love Flappy Bird Videos! So we thought we'd set up a site where we could put all our favourite Flappy Bird Videos in one place. No more endless browsing of YouTube - all the best Flappy Bird Videos are now here for you to enjoy.

Just choose from one of the links below and we're sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy.

We've been addicted to Flappy Bird every since his dumb little beak first kissed a Mario pipe, but since he's gone from the AppStore there's been a big hole left in our lives - so we've also been trying out some of the best games like Flappy Bird around. Whether you want a Flappy Bird clone or something totally original that's very cute, very stupid and very hard - we've got it for you so don't fret!


Funny Flappy Bird Videos

Click here for some of the funniest Flappy Bird Videos we could find....

Flappy Bird Rage

Click here to watch some people getting seriously angry after playing 'Flappy Bird'...

Flappy Bird Highscores

Click here to see some of the mental scores people have been getting on 'Flappy Bird'- how come we're not that good!?

Flappy Bird Hints, Tips, Cheats and Tricks

Click here for some ways to score higher in Flappy Bird. It might be by cheating (shame on you!) or it could be a tutorial to hone your Flappy skills to ninja perfection!

Games Like Flappy Bird

Click here for our favourite best games like 'Flappy Bird'. These one's aren't clones, they're mad, stupid, funny and hard though!